Umar M Shareef — Na Yarda Dake

Ku saukar da sabuwar wakar mawaki umar m shareef mai taken "Na Yarda Dake" Wannan wakar an fidda ta ne daga cikin sabon album dinsa mai taken "farin jini" wanda ya fidda a wannan sabuwar shekarar ta 2022.

Na Yarda Dake Mp3 Download 2022 is a brand new song by "Umar M Shareef." In his latest release Album titled "Farin Jini", Umar M Shareef delivers yet another catchy song that is now making waves on the YouTube list. Na Yarda Dake is unquestionably a killer, and he's now readily available download.

Umar M Shareef — Na Yarda Dake
  • Song Title: Na Yarda Dake
  • Artist: Umar M Shareed
    • Released On: 2022
    • File Type: audio/mpeg
    • File Size: 3.51 MB
    • Bitrate: 125Kbps
  • Duration: 3:18
  • Sample Rate: 44100
  • Channel Mode: joint stereo
  • Encoder Option: CBR128
  • Frame Length: 418
  • Raw Synch: 4094
  • File Ratio: 0.0907
  • Encoding: ISO-8859-1
  • Categorie's: HAUSA
  • Last Downloaded: Jul 1, 2022
  • Uploaded Date: Jan 6, 2022
  • No. Of Downloads: 1659