Russia Ukraine Conflict; Why is Russia in war with Ukraine?

Russia Ukraine Conflict; Why is Russia in war with Ukraine?
russia ukraine conflict; Why is Russia in war with Ukraine?

Russia invasion into Ukraine could most likely lead to world war 3 if not handled carefully.

Ukraine and Russia share same border. Ukraine originated from Russia from history. Russia has a population of about 144 million as against Ukraine’s 44 million. Russia has the largest land size of 17.13 million Sq Km in the world. As against Ukraine’s 603,548km.

Russia is against The Nirth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which comprises of USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan, just to name a few. Russia and China are allies as they are not members of Nato. Ukraine which share same border with Russia have an agreement prior to USSR to become independent that they will not join NATO because for Ukraine to join NATO, it means the NATO military which is made up of the countries in NATO will have base in the Ukrainian which is close to Russia. 

Now Ukraine wants to breach that agreement with Russia by joining NATO so Russia decided To revisit that agreement. Russia now wants to take control of the territory which borders them and Ukraine so that NATO forces which mostly comprises of USA military won't have access to their territoy because they can most easily spy on Russia. 

So Russia ordered Ukraine military to go back home while Russia military takes over that border region since Ukraine President insist on joining NATO. 

China is in support of Russia, don’t forget that China and Russia are allies. China has the highest Population in the world, Russia has the largest land space in the world.

Russia is not scared of NATO because they know if external forces like USA, France, Germany and other NATO allies attack Russia military in support of Ukraine then the world will be in for Third World War. Russia believes they are battle ready and have the military strength to face any country or countries. Apart from China, Russia also have North Korea and Iran on their side. 

The worst NATO can do is to sanctions on Russia which they are doing already. Any country that provides military support to Ukraine or attempts to attack Russia will surely ignite World War 3.