ten (10) Treatment of cold infection

ten (10) Treatment of cold infection

1. Get some Garafi Roots and Potatoes, boil it, and when it cools down, the woman should take some water with it. Usually once. It treats openness and urination.

2. Make Garafuni and Sassaken Sanya and boil it, a woman should drink half a cup of healthy, half an evening. It removes dirt and odorless white liquid.

3. Get a Tumfafiya Flower, dry it, put it in the breast and drink it. It solves the problem of cold water.

4. Get Lalle with Magarya and Kanumfari leaves, mix well and boil. Add white musk in it. When he calmed down, she went inside and sat for about ten minutes. Doing so treats acne and acne as well as stretch marks and longevity.

5. Get a Pumpkin and cook it. After it is cooked, remove it from the water in a jug or pan, add Milk or Milk and let Zuma drink. This leads to apathy, dryness and dissatisfaction.

6. Cook the Zogale, when it is cooked, mash it or strain it, strain it and add the lemon juice. It treats the discharge of foul-smelling and stagnant water and makes me feel better.

7. Get Dan-Tamburawa and Albabunaj to boil and pour Man Hulba in it. Then she sniffed the steam. When he calmed down a little, she went in and sat down. It will treat acne and acne scars and relieve constipation.

8. Farar Albasa, Kanumfari, Citta, Malmo, Barkono and Raihatul Hubbi, and she used to spice it up and eat it. He plans to treat all cold sores.

9. Get Olive Soap and Habba Soap and press them. Get the leaves of Magarya and Garin Bagaruwa and crush them. Pour in the chopped soap and mix with Ma’ul Khal, add the Garlic Oil and Peach. The woman should take a sip of water every day. With warm water but it is still there. This soap treats acne, itching and bad breath.

10. Get Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Garlic Oil and Garlic Oil and mix them together. A woman should take one spoonful daily before she breaks. It washes away dirt and provides comfort. In the next program we will bring you more medicines.