Fave – Riddim 5 EP (Album 2022)

FAVE, who has been riding high on the popularity of her smash track "Baby Riddim," has opted to revamp her repertoire and begin the new year with a body of work. At long last, she releases "Riddim 5," the much expected first EP from her label, RCA Records.

As is customary with FAVE, the big initiative includes several tracks that are devoid of any additional characteristics. A collection of five melodic compositions, "Obsessed," "S.M.K," "Kilotufe," "Mr Man," and, obviously, that widely renowned "Baby Riddim," comprise the "Riddim 5" EP.

To hear more of this EP, check out the video below.

1. Fave  Kilotufe   Download Now
2. Fave  S.M.K   Download Now
3. Fave  Mr Man   Download Now
4. Fave  Obsessed   Download Now
5. Fave  Baby Riddim   Download Now