Album: Umar M Shareef — Farin Jini 2022 Album Complete [Audio + Zip files]

Download Album: Umar M Shareef — Farin Jini 2022 Album Complete [Audio + Zip files] Audio Mp3 Song.

Kamar yadda dai aka saba duk sheka mawaki Umar M Shareef yan sakin sabon Album , To a wannan shekarar ma Allah ya kawo mu lokacin Domin kuwa ya saki sabon Album dinnna nasa mai taken FARIN JINI Album 2022,

Wannan album ya dade yana tallar sa a shafin sa na sada zumunta wato instagram wanda sai a yanzu ne ya sami damar sakin wannna Album Mai sun FARIN JINI inda mu kuma wannan shafi mai albarka muka kawo muku shi domin jin dadin ku.

Umar M. Shareef, as usual, is releasing a new album. So, this year, Umar M Sharif has given his fans the pleasure by releasing his new album, "FARIN JINI." The album has long been touted on its Instagram page, and it is only now that it has been able to release this fortunate album titled "FARIN JINI," and we have given it to you for your delight.

Album - Umar M Shareef — Farin Jini 2022 Album Complete
1. Umar M Shareef - Rike Alkawari Download Now
2. Umar M Shareef - In Hakuri Bai BakabaDownload Now
3. Umar M Shareef - Na Yarda DakeDownload Now
4. Umar M Shareef - Na FadaDownload Now
5. Umar M Shareef - AishaDownload Now
6. Umar M Shareef - Kibani SoyayyaDownload Now
7. Umar M Shareef - Wayyo NiDownload Now
8. Umar M Shareef - Kyakkawar FuskaDownload Now
9. Umar M Shareef - ShikenanDownload Now
10. Umar M Shareef - Farin JiniDownload Now

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