Album: Nura M Inuwa - Lokaci (New Album 2021)

Download Album: Nura M Inuwa - Lokaci (New Album 2021) Audio Mp3 Song.

Kamar yadda mawaki Nura M Inuwa yayi Alkawarin Sakin sabbin Album dinsa Guda Biyu Wato "Ni Daku" Da Kuma "Lokaci" To Allah ya Nufa Yau Shafin Mu Mai Albarka Wato NaijaDrop Yazo Muku da wadannan Albums din Gaba Daya.

Album: - Nura M Inuwa - LOKACI (2021)
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Mubarak Dutse
Isah Gombe
Mai Salati

Mixing & Mastering

Mustapha Golden Goose

Album: Nura M Inuwa - Lokaci (New Album 2021) Good news Nura M Inuwa fans, As he promised to release a new album this year. Singer Nura M Inuwa has prepared and calmed down to delight his fans with his new album as promised.

He released two albums titled NI DAKU and LOKACI, these are the names of his new album as promised. He has not released them yet. Stay tuned to NaijaDrop.Com so you can get his albums as soon as it is uploaded.

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