Album: Ado Gwanja – Amada Album 2021

Ado Gwanja has published his album Amada Ep, which is the record that he promised his followers will be released in 2021.

Amada's album is an album in which the singer has done a fantastic job of singing the songs of his admirers, and he has done such a fantastic job that you will only need to record 6 tracks for the following songs: -

Album- Ado Gwanja - Amada
1. Ado Gwanja - AmeenahDownload Now
2. Ado Gwanja - An Gamu Download Now
3. Ado Gwanja - Na Saba Dani Dake Download Now
4. Ado Gwanja - Amada Download Now
5. Ado Gwanja - Kyan Rawa Download Now
6. Ado Gwanja - Mai Kidan Kujera Download Now

Here are the tracks from the artist's 6 album tracks that you may listen to on our audiomack album. The CD is already available on iTunes, where you may purchase your own tracks.