Download Abdul D One & Umar M Shareef – Zainab Song 2020

Sabuwar Wakar da Kuke Jira Ta Iso Wato Zainaba Wadda Abdul D One Tare da Umar M Shareef Suka Kawo maku... 

Wannan Wakar an Dade Ana Tallar Ta Sai dai Basu fiddo ta Ba Sai yanxu Allah ya nufe mu da kawo maku ita. 

Wakar tun a talla Zaka gane Sun zuba basira wajen rera ta Sabida Oga Da Yaro ne suka hadu domin kawo maku ita. 

Wannan Waka ta soyayya ce Kamar Yadda suka saba Kawo maku. Ku danna Alamar Download dake kasan wannan rubutun domin saukar da wannan wakar. 

The new song you are waiting for has been released by Abdul D One with Umar M Shareef - "Zainab" ...

This song has been advertised for a long time, but it has not been released until now. has brought it to you.

You can see that they used their talent in singing this song because Oga and yaron sa collaborate together to bring it to you.

This is a love song as they usually do. Click the Download icon at the bottom of this post to download this song.

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Download Abdul D One & Umar M Shareef – Zainab Song 2020
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