VISITORS OF EARTH by Maryam Elsudi (poem)

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VISITORS OF EARTH by Maryam Elsudi (poem)

VISITORS OF EARTH by Maryam Elsudi

Our days have been numbered.
Time is flying.
Visitors of Earth have forgotten that,
they came for a visit.
The worldly materials have gotten them all:
worldly materials, temporary enjoyment, power, authority, wealth and royalty have all gotten them.
Lost in the world of evil and good.
Giving their ears to the devils and angels,
whispering to them,
each trying to overcome them:
however the choice is theirs-
to listen to whomever their hearts desires and are destined to.
Some of the visitors have just arrived,
Some of the visitors have left already,
Some of the visitors are still here-
their heads lost into the world.
While some of the visitors souls are in the final home of all,
and their bodies in Earth.
Remember home, the home that everyone shall dwell in.
However, all visitors will leave for their home, which is in two,
Remember this dear visitors of Earth,
Don't be lost in the worldly world.
Visitors of Earth.